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Mobile advertising is an operational marketing tool for modern communication. It relies on the use of mobile communication technologies and mobile devices to deliver advertising messages. It is not limited to individual actions or services but encompasses the overall concept of communication geared towards the advertising campaign, from advertising messages to direct dialogue with the customer via the mobile device.

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Types of mobile advertising provided by us:

We provide following type of Mobile Advertising Services :

Campaigns with banners: a banner referring to the advertiser's website appears on the website consulted. By clicking on the banner, the user has direct access to the corresponding online offer.

Interstitials: This is a full-page advertisement that appears in front of the desired webpage. After a while, or by clicking on a link, users will be redirected to the page of their choice.

SMS Advertising: SMS advertising can only be used with permission and an advertiser sends a targeted and relevant advertisement via SMS.


Advertisers have multiple channels of communication to connect with customers when designing a mobile ad campaign. These include mobile internet, mobile apps, mobile messaging and mobile video or TV. We are one of best Mobile advertising agency. A large number of mobile advertising formats are now available due to the technological advances of mobile devices. The mobile Internet is also increasing the use of mobile advertising banners.

For and against

If used correctly, Mobile Ad Campaign can be a solid marketing tool. If not, it can damage the image of the advertising company or be a bad investment. The successful use of this medium requires knowledge of the technology as well as a great receptivity in the relations with the customer.

“Stay connected with your current and potential market in a more meaningful way with SoftMantra’s mobile advertising services and keep your market position stronger.”

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