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Wordpress Development Services

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Wordpress Development Services

Wordpress Website Development Agency India

“Support your market and online presence with a customized Wordpress Website.”

Having a website is not an option, but it has emerged as an essential part. But, you don’t need just a website, you need a marketing tool that could promote your brand image, speak for you and sell for you. In short, a well-designed website is a strength for your business and what else can be a better platform to have a customized website than a Wordpress.

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Scope Of Our WordPress Development Services

Give your users an experience where they can browse a fully customized and secured website loaded with interactive features. Connect with WordPress development company and avail the following benefits of Wordpress platform:

Customized Template: Don’t be the part of a crowd, choose a WordPress theme that could make your website stand out in the competition. Of course, you need a service, product, and marketing effort to stand higher but when your efforts are supported with a unique website the outcome can be beyond your expectation. Work with a WordPress theme customization company that has a team of designers who can think out of the box and offer a unique design for your website.

Fast Deployment:You don’t have to wait for months to get a website. At SoftMantra we ensure fast deployment of a website. Share the all content and images with us and rest will be managed by our team within a timeframe of 15 days.

Get SEO Friendly Website:Make sure the website is SEO ready and platforms like Wordpress has made it easier to design SEO friendly website. Our development team ensures that the website is SEO friendly.

Social Media Integration:The more awareness you spread for your website the better it will perform, with simple social media integration on the website it has become possible to make your website popular on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. We make website promotion ready by adding all social media integration options.

Supports DIY:What makes Wordpress a popular platform is its easy customization. You don’t have to rely on developers for small changes. We provide you free training that would make DIY easier for you. You can update, delete or add new pages with ease. Our free tutorial and live training would enhance your DIY skills for the Wordpress platform.

Solid Security:Wordpress is an open platform and hackers can find their way to attack the website. Don’t put your business at risk, our advanced security system ensures solid safety of a website.

Fast Load Time:Visitors are in a hurry and if the website takes more than 2 seconds to upload then there are chances that you might lose the visitor. We ensure that the website loads faster and run in a hassle-free manner.

Blog:Power your website with a well-designed blog. We do not just provide a blog but ensure that a blog is equipped with features that make it a powerful marketing tool.

Automatic backup website:We understand how crucial it is to keep your data secured. You cannot take a chance with your website. Don't let any technical glitches take away your data. Opt for automatic backup and keep your data secured.

Is your Wordpress Theme really customizable?

Well, WordPress themes- has gained popularity for its easy customization. But most of the themes offer limited customization, in fact, the changes that they offer are so basic that it does not allow actual customization. At SoftMantra we ensure that WordPress theme offer full customization. We design fluid layouts that can be easily customized and for that, you don’t have to spend a huge amount on customization.

Why we are different?

At SoftMantra, our purpose is to serve the client and their business. We have a team of expert designers and developers who come up with the solutions that are designed to match the client’s purpose.

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Design/Development Packages

We offer One Time Design/Development Packages and cost that fit to your budget and need.

  • UPTO 5 Pages
  • Logo Design
  • Domain Booking
  • Web Hosting
  • Support 12 Months


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  • UPTO 10 Pages
  • Logo Design
  • Domain Booking
  • Web Hosting
  • Support 12 Months


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  • UPTO 12 Pages
  • Logo Design
  • Domain Booking
  • Web Hosting
  • Support 12 Months


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WordPress Development - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Will I be getting any support after project completion?

Yes, we offer in-depth post wordpress website development maintenance & support services to our clients. Talk to our business analysts to get the details.

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Will I be having a full time dedicated project manager?

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Are your websites SEO friendly?

What is the team strength of your website development Agency?

I already have a WordPress website and it needs to be updated. Can you help?

Who is going to take care of the content on my WordPress site?

Do you provide custom themes and plug-ins?